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Benchmarking GPU drivers. Find out if it’s worth updating your current GPU driver version

Every time NVIDIA or AMD Radeon releases a new GPU driver version there is a question that comes to our mind: should I update my GPU drivers? The question is simple, but the answer isn’t.

The general rule suggests us to always update our GPU drivers to the latest version as that ensures us to get latest bug fixes, security updates, optimizations for most of the latest AAA games, and support for latest features.

However, all this doesn’t ensure the best performance in terms of raw performance (Avg FPS numbers) and frametimes stability (1% and 0.1% Low avg/integral FPS or P1 and P0.2 FPS percentile numbers). It is precisely at this point where comparative performance analysis of GPU drivers are key, since they allow us to validly and reliably estimate significant improvements or regressions in graphics performance attributable to driver version changes.

That’s why Gaming Experiencer offers you a data-based answer to that recurrent question by posting and linking comprehensive benchmarks of the graphics performance of latest NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon Adrenalin (soon) drivers across a variety of games and gaming scenarios, including the main graphics engines and 3D APIs.

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