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Windows 10 Fullscreen Optimizations vs Fullscreen Exclusive vs Borderless Windowed

Benchmarking Windows 10 Fullscreen Optimizations (FSO) vs. Fullscreen Exclusive (FSE) vs. Borderless Fullscreen Windowed (FSB) in 5 DX11-based games, on different monitor/sync scenarios.

r/allbenchmarks a new community about everything related to PC benchmarking

Greetings! I want to share with you a new project in which I’m involved, it’s a new reddit community (for those who aren’t familiar with reddit, it’s a huge online platform of ‘forums’ and communities) about everything that has to do with PC benchmarking. As you probably already know, this blog is focused on comparativelyContinue reading “r/allbenchmarks a new community about everything related to PC benchmarking”